Are you laid off, unemployed, or searching for a new and exciting
adventure? Are you a little short of cash? Have you had a dream
of being your own boss? Are you looking for a unique way to
raise funds for class trips and events? Look no further! Mark and
I have been selling soft jumbo pretzels from mobile pushcarts for
over 15 years here in Northern Michigan. We are ready to share
this little gem of a business idea with you. Buy one of Mark's
custom designed pretzel carts and we will help you create your
own small business. You will be rolling in "dough" in no time.
Pretzel Carts: A Fun Little Money Maker

  • Arrives ready to set up and sell pretzels
  • Enjoy a whopping 50% or more profit margin
  • Low investment=high profits
  • Brightly painted, lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Comes complete with an operations manual
  • Our unique 2 burner propane stove lets you pump out the
    pretzels, fast!
  • Benefit from our 20+ years of experience and expertise
  • Become a professional extraordinary concessionaire
  • Serve a healthy alternative to greasy junk food
Pretzel Carts = Real Dough
    Why Knot Pretzel Carts LLC - 231.935.4957 - Traverse City MI